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Doctrines & Morals

To accept earthly king is the rejection of God

1 Sam. 8:4-7.10-22, Mk 2:1-12. In Samuel’s time, Israel’s national existence was threatened by their immediate neighbours, the Philistines. Since their traditional tribal structure of Israel kept them from putting up a united front against the Philistine forces, the leaders decided that they could no longer remain independent tribes, loosely united by their religious sanctuaries like the one at Ramah. In today's first reading,the people of Israel demanded to have a king to reign over them just like their other neighbours. Though the Israelites had no king to rule over them, God sent Judges to be their guide and leader, to be the ones to help enforce the will of God, the Law and commandments that He had entrusted to His people. However, Samuel opposed to the idea, but prayed to God and God told him to provide for them according to their desire.

Samuel presented the message of God to His people, but reminded them about the consequences of having a king: that the demand for an earthly king is a rejection of God. They will lose some of their freedom, then tyranny prevails, general stagnation sets in and they have to give a lot of their time, talent and treasures to an earthly king. When they insist on having a king, God granted their request, making Samuel the last of all the Judges of Israel. In today's Gospel, the friends of the paralysed man would not want such stagnation in the life of their friend and brought him to Jesus despite the obstacle. To get close to God, there must be forgiveness, not only from Jesus, but also from others. Together we can support each other in changing times, rallying round to help, willing to serve with love. The story of those four men carrying their friend to Jesus is a powerful call to be helpful where we can. They were so determined to get him to Jesus that they opened a hole in the roof above Jesus when their way through the door was blocked because of the crowd. They wanted to get their friend to Jesus because they recognised Jesus as the source of health and life. They were taking their friend to a fuller life. The image of the four who carried their sick friend towards the source of life is a powerful lesson. At times we can do little for ourselves and must depend on others for health, for life, for safety. At other times we might be like the friends of the paralysed man, able to help others to their feet, or bring them from despair to hope. Today, Jesus wants us to help Him to carry the burdens of others and help them in any way we can.

May the Lord be enthroned in our life and remove anything which does not fit into the plan of God! Amen!! Good morning and have a great day!!!

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