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Doctrines & Morals

The Spirit, Water and the Blood bears testimony to Jesus

1 Jn 5:5-13, Lk. 5:12-16. Today's first reading confirms the three testimonies about Jesus, namely: the testimonies of the Spirit, water and Blood. The Holy Spirit who testifies to Jesus being the Son of God; the testimony of God the Father on behalf of Jesus; the role of Jesus, bringing eternal life to those who believe. This was a reference of everything that we have received from Him, relating to the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism (water), Confirmation (Spirit) and Eucharist (blood). He has revealed Himself and God’s salvation, through His Baptism at the Jordan, His Crucifixion and death and finally through the gift of the Holy Spirit. The water of Baptism bears testimony to Jesus as through water of Baptism we become children of God, the blood of Jesus in the Eucharist brings life to those who receive it worthily and the Spirit fan into flame the Holy Spirit received at Confirmation.

As a reminder that Jesus is the Truth and Life, the Spirit of God in us helps us to recognise the presence of Christ in our midst, as Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit, praising God in the Magnificat, proclaiming the great wonders of God. In today's Gospel, the man suffering from leprosy also proclaimed the wonders of God when he was healed. Leprosy was then a very dreaded disease that according to the old Law and customs of the Israelites would led those who were suffering from it to be forced to live away from the rest of the society, to wander off in the wilderness until they could prove that their disease had been completely cured. This is yet another reminder for us of the most generous and wonderful love of God which He has kindly and generously shown us from the beginning. God has reached out to us and made Himself approachable to us through Christ and we ought to remember this during this blessed time of Christmas. We celebrate the most generous and amazing love God has bestowed on us, everything that He had done for us through His Son. We all rejoice because the Light of our Hope has come upon us. Here, we proclaim the truth about Christ, for the water and the blood represented two natures of Christ, as Man and Divine, two natures united in the single person of Jesus Christ.

May the Lord help us to recognise the compassionate God who is always with us, particularly when faced with pain, sorrow and tragedy! Amen!! Good morning and have a pleasant day!!!

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