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Doctrines & Morals

From God flows endless forms of goodness

1 Jn 4:7-10, Mk 6:34-44. Love is one of the hallmarks or prime characteristics of God. In fact, God can be equated with Love and Love with God. This is what John describes in today's first reading. Love comes from God, for God is Love. Love is so overpowering that it cannot stay just in the Godhead, it flows out to all creation. From God flows endless forms of goodness and creatures reflect the source. If we love, then we know God but if we ignore the needs of others, we do not know God. Our acts of love respond to the goodness already in the world. When we love, God moves through us. Love is the power that draws us together. In today's Gospel we see that 'Divine Love' lived out in the life and ministry of 'Love Incarnate' when Jesus demonstrates divine compassion on the people and feeds them intellectually, spiritually and physically.

The disciples thought that it was not possible to find enough food to feed the whole large multitudes of people that numbered at least five thousand men and not counting even the women and children. Thus, Jesus was touched to His very innermost being and was motivated to perform an act of great Love for those who were scattered like sheep without a shepherd. He shows the depth of the 'Divine Love' that flows out into creation and specifically on humanity. Yet, we are limited in our understanding of God as Love. We, in our finiteness and concreteness, cannot by ourselves experience the fullness of God’s Love. We need Divine intervention. That is why the Love of God became Incarnate in Jesus. Hence, God as Love is the beginning and end of the act of loving. God is being God whenever people experience heart-filled and sincere Love, the Love that goes down to our innermost feelings and being.

May the Lord put His Word in our thoughts, His praise on our lips and His love in our hearts so that they may guide our lives and keep us near to God! Amen!! Good morning and have a wonderful day!!!

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