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Doctrines & Morals

My Soul glorifies the Lord

1 Sam. 1:24-28, Lk. 1:46-56. Having longed for a son and being finally blessed with the child, Samuel, the grateful mother, Hannah, wants nothing more than for Samuel to serve the Lord all his days. In today's first reading, Hanna's prayer is very touching: “I have lent him to the Lord; as long as he lives, he is given to the Lord.” Such life if dedication to God is the highest purpose of life and it can be pursued in many and various ways. In the Catholic faith, we honour Mary as the hightest example of total devoted life but not the same with her son’s complete self-giving. The most perfect expression of Mary’s dedicated heart is found in today’s Gospel, found in the lovely hymn of praise, the Magnificat. Here we see Mary rejoicing in the God who has filled the hungry with good things and raises up the lowly. This is to teach us that if we devote our thoughts to the praise and service of the Lord, we proclaim in a profound way, the greatness of God. Observance of God’s commands, moreover, shows that we have God’s power and greatness always at heart.

Our spirit rejoices in God the saviour and delights in the recollection of our creator who gives us hope for eternal salvation. Chosen for a unique motherhood, she overflowed with love for her son. Above all other saints, she alone could fully rejoice in Jesus, her saviour, trusting that the Saviour sent from above would be born of her body, a privilege for which she was forever grateful. Mary attributes nothing to her own merits but refers all her value to the gift of the one whose essence is power and who fills with greatness and strength the small and the weak who believe in Him. In her joyful prayer, Mary acknowledges the great things that God has done for her. Like Mary, we are challenged to acknowledge the great things that God has done for us by sending His Son into the world. At the heart of the Christmas celebration is the recognition of God’s greatness and generosity in His only Son. In acknowledgement of the gift of God, we approach Christmas in a spirit of poverty and humility, trusting in the great things that God can do for us.

May the Lord teach us to use our gifts for others and to fulfil the purpose the Father has for us! Amen!! Good morning and have a glorious day!!!

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