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Doctrines & Morals

How good and how pleasant, it is to dwell in unity

Songs 2:8-14, Lk. 1:39-45. Today’s readings are upbeat and positive as they resonate the beautiful tone of intimacy and affection. The first reading pours out some of the lovely, lyrical love-poetry written by Solomon for his young bride from Egypt, describing the overflowing emotions of love and how the lover came like a gazelle (antelope) leaping over the hills, gracefully moving forward. It has images of the winter being over and new life sprouting. In the account of the visitation of Mary to Elizabeth, we sense the mutual spiritual friendship bonding Mary with Elizabeth, as they ponder how God has blessed them and through them so many others who would come live life more fully because of John the Baptist and Jesus.

In today's Gospel, Mary proceeded in a haste to the town of Elizabeth, traditionally recognised as the town of Ain Karem a few miles west of Jerusalem. Mary and Elizabeth are both filled with joy, surrounded by the presence of the Holy Spirit. The sense of inner happiness and peace flows through the scene. Mary and Elizabeth are blessed with each other’s presence. Mary and Elizabeth, though had been apart probably for quite some time, were blessed with each other’s company. Mary was sensitive enough to know the needs of her kinswoman. Elizabeth was surely pleased with the help, but even more pleased with Mary's presence. She had someone with whom she could share her experiences. In their experiences, they were aware of God’s working in their lives, individually and together. They were not sure what the future would hold for their sons (John the Baptist and Jesus Christ), but they trusted in God and knew that God was going to be glorified by the ministry of their offspring. To know that someone else is walking down a similar path of faith can bring strength. It makes us more willing to help others in simple ways this holy time of the year. As we approach this time of giving and sharing with friends and relatives, let us realise that the most important gift is that of presence – willingness to be attentive to the others, as Mary was to Elizabeth.

May the Lord help us to realise the joy that comes from God when we give ourselves in the caring service of another! Amen!! Good morning and have a terrific day!!!

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