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Doctrines & Morals

The wise appreciates the presence of God everywhere

Wis. 1:1-7, Lk. 17:1-6. To give an alternative schooling that was provided by the Greek philosophers, the teachers in Egypt who composed the book of Wisdom offered their Jewish students a religious background for their reflections on life. The practical counsel of today's first reading is interwoven with a sense of the presence of God in all things. For nothing is so small, no question so trifling, no dimension so immense nor any problem so complex, for the influence of God not to be felt. Hence, we are meant to be conscious of our behaviour and live with two feet firmly planted on the ground. The more conscious we are of the presence of God with us at every moment of our lives, the more we will act with the wisdom which comes from God alone. We must continually apply the wisdom of God to our actions.

In order to apply this wisdom, here are the guides to remind us of the presence of God, we can ask ourselves: What would Jesus do in such situations that confronts us daily? Or what would Jesus have us do? If we can ask ourselves such questions before we engage in any activity, we would be guided to do the wise, just, righteous, faith-filled deeds. We would also avoid giving scandal to others, for we would be conscious of how our actions would affect the faith journey of others. We will value our personal integrity and not take foolish advice, nor put God to the test. Today’s Gospel also offers us guidelines on how to be people of integrity and how to cope with or ignore, if not restrain, the faults of others. In our multicultural age and with conflicting moral standards accepted in civil law, we need to be more 'streetwise' and tolerant of flamboyant lifestyles. However, Jesus defends the value of moral innocence and warns us against giving scandal, that is putting an obstacle (skandalon) that can deceive someone else; leading them astray and away from the Lord. Its opposite is being supportive of people’s faith, being present in ways that help them grow to their full personal stature. Jesus goes on to inform us that we should be willing to point out people's fault, not in a manner which condemns the sinner, but in the hope that it will move the sinner to repent. The mention of repentance leads to Jesus’ commanding us to extend forgiveness repeatedly to those who sin against us. Summarising what should be the driving force for us, Jesus urges us to put our faith into practice and great things will happen.

May the Lord give us the courage to forgive others and never allow us to fall away from God! Amen!! Good morning, have a productive week!!!

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