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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of St Vincent De Paul

Zech. 8:1-8, Lk. 9:46-50. Children can give us a glimpse of the new Jerusalem, in today's first reading Zechariah imagines the city with boys and girls playing in the streets. By nature, children sparkle with life and enthusiasm, whereas many of Zechariah’s neighbours were weary of life. Children may quarrel, yes, but they quickly make up again. The prophet’s hopes for new life and bright future were greeted with a disbelieving yawn. On his advice and that of Haggai the people rebuilt the Temple, but the splendid hope of a new Jerusalem seemed impossible in their eyes. Zechariah imagines God asking: “Shall it; be impossible in my eyes also?” Today's Gospel sketches two scenes of envy and pettiness. The disciples were arguing about which of them had the highest status. Jesus uses the children as a symbol to teach us about who is the greatest in the Kingdom of God and says that to welcome a child is to welcome Him and “The least one among you is the greatest.”

Jesus identifies Himself with the least. At that time and culture children had no rights or power or influence. They were far from what the disciples wanted, in their dispute about rank and status. The Lord sides with those who are marginalised by society. He is present in the ordinary, in those who seem to have least to offer. Since, we can meet Him in our everyday experience and it is easy to miss Him. The children make us ponder the mystery of life. As adults, we must think and consider all the responsibilities of life, but some secret part of our life belongs solely to God. All who welcomes the Lord faithfully and sincerely, and opens themselves to the Lord shall be great in His kingdom and shall be the first to be saved. All of us are called to partake in the efforts and great works to glorify the Lord through all that we do and through our contributions. St Vincent de Paul whose memorial we celebrate, glorified the Lord through his care for the poor. He is remembered for his role in founding the Congregation of the Mission also known after their founder as the Vincentians, as well as the inspiration in the establishment of the Society of St Vincent de Paul after his passing, all inspired by his generosity and humility.

May the Lord continue to bless us in our endeavours and guide us in our journey of faith! Amen!! Good morning and have a productive week!!

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