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Doctrines & Morals

He is the Light of Hope for all

Zech. 2:5-9.14-15, Lk. 9:43-45. Today's first reading recounts how the prophet Zechariah was led to proclaim the word of God at the time of return of the chosen people from Babylonian exile, which speaks about the Lord’s coming to Jerusalem to dwell with the people. This was a time of joy and sadness, especially for the remnants of Israel to see their city in ruin. At that time, the people of Israel were gradually beginning to rebuild their cities and lives anew and the city of Jerusalem was in the midst of reconstruction after having been devastated and razed by the Babylonians many decades previously. The Temple of God in Jerusalem was also then in the midst of rebuilding, as the people turned back towards the Lord under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah, as well as the influence of other prophets including that of Zechariah.

Therefore, with this context, we can understand better how the Lord reassured His people of His continued presence in their midst and how He would be the centre and focus of their lives, being their "Hope and Strength" amidst the darkness and evils surrounding them. This He communicated to them and He later on would make evident and reaffirms His commitment by sending us His Son, Jesus Christ, into this world to be our Saviour, to bring unto us the "Light of Hope" that we have been awaiting for. In today's Gospel, Jesus built on this idea to speak to His disciples on how He would be betrayed into the hands of His enemies, how He would be persecuted and made to suffer by the authority and eventually, would be condemned to die. He did all of these because He patiently loves us and wants us to be reconciled to Him and put our trust once again in Him. The life of Jesus invites us to ask ourselves, “What really drives us?” Is it the need for recognition by others, or is it something deeper? We need to make Jesus’ desires and priorities our own, to be about the Father’s business and to keep sharing in God’s work.

May the suffering and death of Jesus be for us a reminder of the compassion of God for us when we experience hard times! Amen!! Good morning and happy weekend!!!

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