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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian

1 Tim. 4:12-16, Lk. 7:36-50. When God touches people’s lives, they are changed. Sometimes the Lord Jesus uses other individuals to touch our lives, such was the case of Timothy in today's first reading. After being a traveling companion of Paul, he is established and installed as overseer and leader of the faith community in Ephesus. Paul encourages young Timothy, who felt so timid to guide the new found community. His advice is a classic inspiration of encouragement for Timothy to use his genuine talents, ideals and ability to teach the faith, preach, lead the community in prayer and be example of Christian virtue. Timothy’s attention to his growth in the Lord led to a fuller realisation of the gift of salvation for Timothy and the people whom he serves. In today's Gospel, Jesus presents Himself as a gift which was only recognised by the woman who had a bad name in town when He visited the home of Simon, a Pharisee. The Pharisee fails to perform the usual gestures of hospitality: welcoming his guest with a kiss, washing the feet of guest and anointing the guest with oil. 

In contrast, a woman, known for her sinful ways, enters the home and lavishly treats Jesus in a way which is above and beyond mere hospitality. The Pharisee, self-righteous is horrified that Jesus would let such a public sinner touch Him. Jesus remarks that love flows from the realisation of God’s gifts for this woman to intrude into the banquet without invitation. She did so because she desperately wanted to come near Jesus and show Him a service of hospitality and love. She honoured Jesus in an extravagant way in return for what she had already received from Jesus. She had felt God’s forgiving love through Jesus, and such was her gratitude for this gift of love that she wanted to offer love in return. The woman is an example to all followers of Jesus. Like her, the sense of having been abundantly gifted with grace moved Saints Cornelius and Cyprian in their service in the Church. They were truly great and honourable servants of God who gave themselves wholeheartedly to the missions entrusted to them by the Lord. Pope Cornelius was the Bishop of Rome and leader of the Universal Church while Cyprian was the Bishop of Carthage during the difficult years of intense persecution of the Church and the Christian faithfuls by the Roman state. They were eventually martyred defending their faith.

May the Lord help us to be models of faith in our ways of life, to show better care and concern for our fellow brothers and sisters in our every living moments! Amen!! Good morning, it is well with you!!!

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