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Doctrines & Morals

On Christ the Solid Rock I stand

1 Tim. 1:15-17, Lk. 6:43-49. In today's first reading, Paul shares with Timothy how he has turned from one of the most ardent opponents of message of Jesus to one of the most dramatic proponents of a relationship with Jesus and His followers, which is open to all who will hear the Good News. Paul’s remarks goes to prove how merciful the Lord Jesus is. He also praises God because he can be a good example of how God can change a person’s heart and bring new life to most wayward of sinners. In today's Gospel, in an apparent contrast, Jesus remarks that a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, nor a good tree bear bad fruit.  

From the outside, the two houses in today’s parable looked the same, but they were fundamentally different, because their foundations were different. One was built on sand and the other on rock. Their foundations were not visible on the surface. We need to get the foundations of our lives right, what is below the surface of our daily living. Just as the houses in the parable had to withstand severe flooding, the equivalent in our lives can be critical situations. We can experience with all kinds of difficulties, whether relating to our health, relationships and work. Our ability to deal with those crisis situations will depend on our moral and spiritual foundations. Jesus presents Himself as the solid foundation to build on. Listening to His words and acting on them, ensures that our lives are built on rock and that we can face the storms of life when they arise. If we build on the Lord, we can remain steadfast when our faith is put to the test. He needs us to actively choose Him as the foundation of our lives. If we are to know the security which only He can give us, we need to entrust ourselves to Him and say with Mary His Mother and ours, “Let it be to me according to your word.”

May the Lord grant us the grace of perseverance through the challenges and trials of life, so that we may be more willing and courageous to take up the crosses of our calling and mission in life, to lead others to God and to help many people to know the Lord, by showing them His truth and love through our own exemplary life! Amen!! Good morning and happy weekend!!!

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