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Doctrines & Morals

The authority of Jesus came from His altruism

1 Thess. 5:1-6.9-11, Lk. 4:31-37. In today's first reading, Paul urges the faithfuls in Thessalonians to be alert for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Although Paul’s view of the imminent coming of the Lord Jesus changed a little bit that he realises Jesus may not come back as quickly as he had originally thought, he still urges the Thessalonians to be vigilant because Jesus will return at a time when some people do not expect. Paul also urges the believers to be people of the Light and not of the dark. They are to act as if their time of meeting Jesus may be at any moment. He does not present this warning as something to be feared, but as something which should be consoling and reassuring as they joyfully act as if our Lord Jesus could return at any time. Paul warns us against the paralysing expectation of the end time because the end would come like a thief in the night. Our mission is to use every second of our life as an opportunity for self-preparation.

Let us turn to Jesus, our hope of eternal life whose authority made deep impression on the people of Capernaum. In today's Gospel, the people were delighted to recognise true Divine authority in Him, for His teaching made a deep impression on them because He spoke with authority. It was experienced as good because it brought life to others. He was an authority that was life-giving, life-renewing and creative. His authority was rooted in His relationship with God. It was inspired by the same Spirit of God that He passed on to us. If we stay close to Jesus, we will bring healing and peace where it is needed. Jesus was very convincing because He lived an authentic life: nobody could accuse Him of hypocrisy and hidden motives. The authority of Jesus comes from His altruism: He never entertained selfish interests, but only the wellbeing of others. His authority comes from His determination because no attractions of the world could induce Him to sin. No arguments could alter His decision to obey His Father. Let us draw strength from God the Father Almighty, the source of authority of Jesus. Let us live our life with conviction and carry out our activities with Jesus.

May the Lord deepen in us our love for Him so that we may radiate the Light of Christ into the darkness of the world! Amen!! Good morning and have a pleasant day!!!

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