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Doctrines & Morals

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mic. 5:1-4, Mt. 1:1-16.18-23. Today we celebrate the birth of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Since Jesus is the perfect expression of God’s love, Mary is the foreshadowing of that love. If Jesus has brought the fullness of salvation, Mary is its dawning. Each time we celebrate her birth, we can confidently hope for an increase of peace in our hearts and in the world. Although there is no Scriptural account of her birth, the Church celebrates her birth since the sixth century. An apocryphal account of her birth is preserved in the non-canonical Proto-Gospel of James. The tradition that has circulated since the first centuries of Christianity speaks of Mary’s parents as Anne and Joachim being old and having no child. They pray to God and are told that they will have a child who will be important in the history of salvation. The modern celebration of the Immaculate Conception is calculated from this date back nine months to December 8.

Today's first reading focuses on the coming of the Messiah, who is the key figure in salvation history. The position of Mary as His mother is related, in a subordinate way, as is fitting to her subordinate place of honour to her Son, Jesus. Mary's consent to the plan of God changed the world. The prophet Micah brought out the prophetic promise that a male descendant of David would be born of a woman who would be the shepherd of God’s flock. This “Son,” or descendant of David would continue the plan of God for the salvation of the people of God. Today’s Gospel also highlights the role of Mary in the incarnation in the genealogy which gives us the human ancestry of Jesus from Abraham down to Joseph, His adoptive father. It presents Mary as the woman whom God has chosen to be the mother of the Messiah. Mary conceives by the power of the Holy Spirit so that her Child has a human nature from her and a Divine Nature from God. This child is to be called "Yeshua" (Jesus) which means “God saves.”

May the Lord help us to respond to the will of God by loving those whom God has entrusted to our care! Amen!! Good morning and have a glorious day!!!

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