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Doctrines & Morals

In Baptism we die to our old self

Col. 2:6-15, Lk. 6:12-19. We may have met individuals in our lives who radiate a sense of joy and love of the Lord. They go out of their way to allow us to experience what a relationship with God is all about. Although they face the same challenges and frustrations, even more, they seem to handle the pressure with grace. Most of them sense that they have a calling to share the love of the Lord Jesus with others. They seem dedicated to the mission of proclaiming the Gospel by the way they relate to others. The truth is that, all of us are called to share in the mission and ministry of Jesus and we can do that if we keep our eyes focused on the Lord Jesus and are willing to reach out to others. The compassion and love of God are obvious in today's first reading as Paul urges the Colossians to remain faithful to the preaching they have heard concerning the love of God for them. It seems that some other “teachers” have come among them demanding that the Gentile Colossians be circumcised and forced to follow the Jewish traditions. They are also down-playing the divinity of Jesus.

Paul challenges the believers to stay faithful to the teaching which he gave while he was among them. Their baptism was more effective in allowing them to have a share in divine life than going through Jewish rites of physical circumcision. In Baptism they died to their old and sinful ways but were raised up with the Risen Lord. The death and resurrection of Christ are the source of their new life, for Baptism is a sharing in the life of Jesus - His earthly life of service and His Heavenly life with His Father. It is important that we share in the life of Christ who Jesus spends more time with God in prayer. His re-creative time with His Father renews Him after a busy day and helps Him focus on what He will do on the next day. A couple of key events happen after His night of prayer. First, Jesus calls twelve individuals and appoints them as apostles (literally “ones who are sent” or “people on a mission”). Secondly, after the commissioning of the twelve, Jesus continues His ministry to those who seek the Good News which He preaches, not only in word but in action. He demonstrates the compassion and healing that are the hallmarks of His Father.

May the Lord help us to be ever more faithful in all things and let us inspire one another to do the same, in being active and evangelising Christians! Amen!! Good morning and have a pleasant day!!!

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