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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of Saints Joachim and Anne

Ex. 32:15-24.30-34, Mt. 13:31-35. For a vivid second century account of the Virgin Mary’s parents, Saints Joachim and Anne, the Proto-evangelium of James becomes a good text for our understanding. While the account is clearly legendary, formed in deliberate parallel to some Biblical proto-types and borrowing themes from the 'Gospel Infancy Narratives', it probably contains elements of early oral tradition, to help us form a mental picture of the kind of family life lived by Jesus’ grandparents. The childlessness and anguish of the elderly couple, Joachim and Anne, are vividly described in the opening paragraphs: “Joachim was very grieved, and went to consult the registers of the twelve tribes of the people, saying: “I will see whether I am the only one not to have procreated in Israel.” He searched and found that all the righteous ones in Israel had raised up posterity. He called to mind about the patriarch Abraham, how at the very end God granted him a son, Isaac. Joachim was very grieved, and did not come into his wife’s presence but he retired to the desert, and there pitched his tent, and fasted forty days and forty nights, saying to himself: “I will take neither food nor drink until the Lord my God looks upon me, and prayer will be my food and drink.”

As we continue in our faith journey, let us cling to God and gradually we shall surmount all difficulties. Like the tiny mustard seed in today's Gospel, we shall become something great for God if our decisions are inspired by the Gospel value. The Kingdom of God started with a humble beginning, that is, to tell us that no matter how poor and insignificant our beginning could be, it shall become something great if we allow God to take full control of our being. Like the mustard seed, let us allow the word of God to take root in us so that it can become the biggest of all shrubs gradually.

May the Lord be the beginning and end of everything we do and say, prompt our actions with His grace and complete them with His all-powerful help! Amen!! Good morning and productive week!!!

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