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Doctrines & Morals

I am not worthy to have you under my roof

Gen. 28:10-22, Mt. 9:18-26. Today’s readings are filled with fear, anxiety, grief, pain and troubles. They are also filled with hope and healing. Jacob faced a lot of troubles because he had stolen the blessing of the first-born from his blind father, Isaac. He left home, fleeing to save his life and did not know what lies ahead for him or if he will see his mother and father again. At first, he was found on his own using a stone for a pillow. It was at that point that he dreamt in this “holy” place and had a vision of a “heap” or “ramp” or a “ladder” which ascends into the Heavens and Angels of God travel up and down the stepped structure. Jacob experiences the presence of God in this "Beth El" (“Abode of GOD”). Jacob promises to continue to trust in God and to erect a memorial at this place when he returns from his mission to find a wife. Trust in God for healing also propelled the Synagogue official and the woman with the issue of blood to approach Jesus as recorded in today's Gospel.

Two people approached Jesus with two quite different needs. One was a Synagogue official who came on behalf of his daughter and the other a woman with a haemorrhage who came on her own behalf. Their ways of approaching Him are quite different. The Synagogue official came quite publicly and spoke aloud His need and request. The woman came secretly, touching the fringe of Jesus’ cloak and speaking only to herself. By letting Himself be touched by a woman with a flow of blood and by taking a dead child by the hand, Jesus overstepped the conventional norms. There must have been a great freedom in Jesus, an overwhelming compassion, a decisive urge to help the needy, so that people deemed “unclean” would presume to touch Him and even request Him to touch them. These examples invite us to think outside the box, as we seek an authentic way to live our religion in today’s world. Our approach to the Lord is always quality unique to each of us, as individual as our way of relating to other people. The Synagogue official and the bleeding woman were people of faith but they expressed their faith differently. Our faith brings us together as a community, but it does not suppress our individuality. Jesus responded warmly to the need of the Synagogue official and the woman and their cry for help. The Lord’s response to us is always measured the way we approach Him.

We pray that in the coming week, we may serve others in our works and find peace when we rest! Amen!! Good morning and have a successful week!!!

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