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Doctrines & Morals

With an everlasting love you care for me, O Lord

Gen. 23:1-4.19.24:1-8.62-67, Mt. 9:9-13. Mercy, faithfulness and relationship with God take centre focus in today's exhortation. In today's first reading, Abraham shows the faith he has in God as he was given the land in which he dwells, after the death of Sarah. Sarah passed away in her old age and was buried in peace by Abraham, who had been blessed with a son, Isaac. He is the one whom God had promised to be the father of many descendants who would thereafter call Abraham their forefather. God blessed Isaac in the same way that He has blessed Abraham, for Isaac got a wife from among his own relatives. God gave Rebekah to be Isaac’s wife, to be the one to console him after the loss of his mother Sarah. Through this, we can see how God had always cared for us. He sought to console us and help us, whenever He could. He is always concerned about us and wants nothing else but our happiness. Yet, we often refuse Him and distance ourselves from Him. This is what keeps us away from Him and prevents us from being fully reconciled to Him.

In today's Gospel, Jesus encounter in a special way and left everything to follow Him. Through the encounter, Matthew got a dramatic turn from being a tax collector into a most faithful and devoted servant of God. Matthew abandoned everything and followed the Lord. Matthew also invited the Lord to have dinner with him and his fellow tax collectors, who were very eager to meet the Lord and listen to Him. To the Pharisees and the teachers of the Law, this was an act of ultimate defilement, as none of them would even want to come near to the tax collectors, deemed as sinners and unclean, less still to have a meal in their house and dwelling place. Through this occasion, the Lord reminds us that we are beloved and precious to Him, without exception. Not even those whom others considered to be great sinners could be far away from God and His love. On the contrary, even if we are separated from God, but are willing to seek His mercy, we shall be blessed and strengthened and we shall be forgiven from our sins.

May the Lord guide our thoughts, words and actions so that whatever we do may be pleasing to Him! Amen!! Good morning and have a pleasant day!!!

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