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Doctrines & Morals

Overcome evil with good

2 Cor. 6:1-10, Mt. 5:38-42. Today's first reading presents us with Paul’s heroic perseverance for the sake of the Gospel. At a time when some criticised Paul for not coming again to visit them, he could stand firm for his convictions, very aware of the grace of God supporting him. His unswerving fidelity eventually made him one of the pillars of the Church. He truly was “poor, yet enriching many; called an imposter, yet truthful.” If we know people like that within our family of faith, we should thank God for their inspiration. The ideals of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount are dramatically exemplified by Paul’s Apostolate, in his huge generosity of spirit, willingness to going the extra mile, turning the other cheek, metaphorically, and his gifts with others. The lives of Paul demonstrates the hidden potential in each of us to be givers more than takers, up-builders rather than critics, contributors to love in our world.

Jesus wants His disciples not to repay evil with evil, but to respond to evil with goodness. The worst instinct in human nature is to respond with malice to goodness, as instanced by the rejection and crucifixion of the one who “went about doing good; for God was with him” (Acts 10:38). The best instinct of human nature is to overcome evil with good. This could be termed the divine impulse, God’s own impulse. It was the main characteristic of Jesus. He returned the evil that was done to Him with good. In the moment when He was wrongly rejected He revealed His love most fully. He lived and died to overcome evil with good. It is the hardest challenge to remain good in the face of evil, to remain loving in the face of hostility, to be faithful even if one is betrayed, to be peacemakers in a hostile world. We can not do it by our own strength alone we need God’s strength, God’s resources, God’s Spirit – but this strength and grace is promised to us. Paul calls on us not to neglect the grace of God we have received. God is always gracing us and if we rely on His grace we can keep working towards that ideal of overcoming evil with good.

May the Lord grant us the strength, courage, patience and perseverance to remain faithful to the Lord and that our love for one another will help us to lead others to the love of God! Amen!! Good morning and have a productive week!!!

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