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Doctrines & Morals

You are the light of the world

2 Cor. 1:18-22, Mt. 5:13-16. In today's first reading, Paul exhorted the Church and the faithfuls in the city of Corinth to be committed and dedicated to God. To respond to the Lord’s call with a resounding ‘Yes’, and not to be hesitant in responding to the Lord’s call. The Lord has given us His guidance and strength and the Holy Spirit has also come down upon us through His Church and by the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. Therefore, the Holy Spirit dwells within us and gives us wonderful gifts, that may be distinct. However, many of us have not realised, recognised and utilised these gifts that we have received from the Lord and we end up hiding them, not recognising them and leaving these gifts, these talents and abilities, as well as opportunities to remain dormant within us. Many of us do not know what we are supposed to do with our lives, in serving the Lord and following Him.

This is what the Lord meant when He said in today's Gospel that if the salt has lost its saltiness, then it is useless and if the light is hidden and cannot be seen, then it is also useless. The Lord used the examples of salt and light because these two are indeed very important commodities that were crucial to many people of that time, just as it is still important even to the present day. It was very important for the people to have and use salt, because of its preservative qualities, allowing it to preserve food and keeping them longer and at the same time also providing taste to food that is bland. However, we could lose our savour like salt when it deteriorates and if we refuse to pursue personal perfection and social justice. Our light may become deem when we begin to compromise standard and become satisfied with individual or societal mediocrity. Like a city on a hilltop (Cf. Isaiah 2:2), we as a Christian community must be seen as a community which lives out visibly the ideal of the "Beatitudes". Hence, by using the examples of salt and light in His parable, the Lord highlights just how precious the gifts that we have received from the Lord through His Holy Spirit.

May the Lord give us strength that through our troubles we may learn to feel the sufferings of others and help us to bring meaning to the lives of others! Amen!! Good morning, Peace be with you!!!

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