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Doctrines & Morals

Tobit is rewarded for his steadfastness

Tobit 12:1-5.15.20, Mk 12:38-44. In today's first reading, the Archangel Raphael revealed himself to Tobit and his family, that all that he had done are God’s way of showing His love and care to His faithful ones. Archangel Raphael showed Tobit how God knows all that he had done, in him being virtuous and just, in caring for his fellow exiles, burying one of his fellow countryman who had died and showed care and concern for his own brethren, showing no concern for his own selfish needs and desires. Such act of generosity, that count no cost, is also being appreciated in today's Gospel by Jesus. Jesus first condemns the actions of some of the religious leaders who only perform actions to be noticed by others. For in such, religion loses meaning if its leaders focus on splendid adornments, guaranteed front seats in Synagogues, places of honour at banquets and long prayers.

To correct such a distortion of religion, Jesus warmly praises the old woman putting her two small copper coins into the collection box. In her intent, she contributed more than all the others; for they gave from their surplus while she gave from her dire need. The phrase widow’s mite has made its way into the English language. It often refers to something small which, nonetheless, displays a tremendous generosity of spirit. The widow gave a very small amount of money to the Temple treasure, but in giving that very little, she gave everything she had to live on. Jesus identifies her as an example of a wonderful generosity of spirit. This seemingly insignificant widow who seemed to give next to nothing was, in reality, a living witness of divine generosity. The widow reminds us that there are saints in our midst that we do not often notice. A wonderful generosity of spirit can reveal itself in gestures that appear very ordinary and even insignificant to those observing. There can be times in our lives when we appear to have very little, in all kinds of ways, but if we give generously out of the little we have, we are rich in the eyes of the Lord.

May the Lord help us to be generous to give ourselves to God wholeheartedly and for service to humanity! Amen!! Good morning and happy weekend!!!

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