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Doctrines & Morals

Be fruitful to have future with God

Eccle. 44:1.9-13, Mk 11:11-26. Today's first reading narration about our heroes of faith resonate deeply in our hearts to imitate their faith and practice their virtues. We often worry about the legacy we will leave behind after our anxious toil is ended, but even a strong legacy grows within two or three generations. Our finite capacity for remembrance, affection and honour is carefully rationed among those nearest to us. We are left to focus on sowing our seeds, tending to our weeds and trusting the Lord for downstream effects. Today’s Gospel presents some complementary lessons about fruitfulness. The story begins with Jesus going to the Temple, looking around and returning to Jerusalem reflecting on the mystery of His passion. Jesus returned to the Temple the day after with a strong lesson plan. Jesus was hungry but could not find any fruit on the fig tree and He declared that the tree had no future.

The message is not that Jesus is impatient with the tree, but Jesus is upset with those whom the fig tree represents. Jesus is aware that the prophets like Jeremiah (8:13.29:14), Joel (1:7), and Hosea (9:10.16) have used the fig tree to symbolise the people of Israel. Jesus is saying that the people of Israel have not produced the fruit that they should have, after they have seen all God's wonderful deeds in the life and ministry of Jesus. The fig tree cursed by Jesus is a representation of those who fail to yield the fruit and have no future with God. These are people who allow themselves to be preoccupied with worldly pleasure and put God aside. Life needs to be focused not on ourselves and our issues, but on God and the divine will. When we remember what is important, then we can live out that love in the way we act. Christ invites us to a life of deeper faith in Him, in order to be drawn to God and become fruitful.

May the Lord help us to be true to our faith and dedicate ourselves to God, be truly faithful, as those whom God had called and chosen to be His own! Amen!! Good morning and have a fruitful day!!!

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