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Doctrines & Morals

Lord, that I may see

Eccle. 42:15-25, Mk 10:46-52. Today's first reading describes how God wonderful created the world and preserves creation. Sirach moves from outward things to inner mysteries, from the beauty of nature to the depths of the human heart where emotions vibrate and reasons may clash: “God plumbs the depths and penetrates the heart, and understands their inmost being. How beautiful are all his works… to meet each need, each creature is preserved.” Following Sirach’s advice, our life of faith should also follow the quick spontaneity of the child that reaches towards its mother’s breast for “the pure milk of the spirit.” The blind man in today's Gospel was quick to reach the source of health as he called out to Jesus for help even when the crowd shout him up. Bartimaeus was blind and he was unable to see the light, as his eyes had failed him. The Lord opened his eyes again and restored his ability to see the light and all things surrounding him. He sought the Lord for healing and the Lord healed him.

The blind Bartimaeus teaches us the benefit of honesty in owning to our need for help. We have blind spots that we need to the healing touch of Jesus. His life also teaches us to trust and he does this in two different ways. He trusts that Jesus has the power to heal him, but he also has the trust that Jesus has the compassion to do it. While the crowd reflects attitude of some Christians who has no room for others. They are in effect telling the blind man: "shut up, you are disturbing our following Jesus. In this regard, Jesus also cures the crowd from their own blind spot. Jesus asks the blind man to name his need and to own it without pretending that he is not in need. The blind man does not make a “creed” profession of faith, like you are the Messiah, but he has trust.

May the Lord strengthen our faith and open our minds to the wonders of creation of God! Good morning and have a glorious day!!!

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