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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church

Gen. 3:9-15.20, Jn 19:25-34. Today we honour and celebrate the life of Mary, Mother of Jesus and the Church. On March 3, 2018, Pope Francis approved and announced the new day for the celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church. Mary is an excellent role model of what it means to be a loving Mother, a devoted woman of faith, a disciple of Jesus and a servant to others. It is appropriate that this celebration of Mary being the Mother of the Church, the Body of Christ, is celebrated on the day after Pentecost, the “Birthday of the Church.” In the Scripture and tradition, Mary has been seen as the person to whom the early Church looked up to in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus after His Ascension into Heaven. Today's readings remind us of the role of Mary in the life of Jesus and the Church as God entrusted to us to be our own loving Mother and to whom we have also been entrusted as her own beloved adopted children.

We see Mary’s role in giving birth to the one who defeated evil by His dying on the Cross, the platform from which He gave His Mother to His disciple and also gave His disciple and all members of the Church to His Mother. We also have a glimpse of Mary’s role with the early Church as she prays with them. In today's first reading, after the sin of Adam and Eve, God speaks of the tension which will exist between the offspring of the serpent (the devil) and the offspring of Eve. One of Eve’s descendants will give birth to a Son who will battle with the offspring of the devil and He will be injured in the battle, but will win the ultimate victory over the devil. Today's Gospel presents us with the victory of Christ on the Cross. As Jesus looks down from the Cross He sees His Mother and beloved disciple. He gives them to each other. This symbolises Jesus giving His Mother Mary to the Church and the Church to Mary. Mary has always been respected in her role of bringing Jesus into human existence and guiding His early upbringing. She is also sought out for her thoughts on how the early disciples need to guide the young Church in its early years. The Church has always respected and honoured Mary to intercede with her Son, Jesus, since she has always been close to Him.

May the Lord help us to build our community in justice and peace, heal the sick, comfort the afflicted and bring all men to salvation! Amen!! Good morning, have a productive week!!!

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