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Doctrines & Morals

If you really think me a true believer, come and stay with us

Acts 16:11-15, Jn 15:26-16:4. Three points leap out from today’s readings. First, the fact that the Lord takes delight in His people as today's responsorial Psalm reminds us. This means that we are graciously loved by God’s Fatherly good-will. Secondly, Jesus promises us that at moments of special need we can rely on the great “Helper,” the Paraclete or Advocate, that is, the Holy Spirit. Thirdly, in the interaction of Paul and Lydia, God blesses and helps us through one another. We are meant to be inter-dependent, to form a community of mutual love, care and assistance. Arriving in Europe, Paul met with new challenges and possibilities. While working in Asia Minor - modern Syria and Turkey - he had been plagued by Jewish Christians who challenged his credibility as an Apostle and contradicted his understanding of the Gospel.

After crossing to Macedonia - northern Greece - Paul began a peaceful phase in his ministry. On reaching the city of Philippi, Paul was kindly received by a wealthy businesswoman named Lydia, who offered her home to the missionaries, as a working base. Eventually, Paul became fun of the Church he founded in Philippi. His later epistle to them is among the warmest of his writings. He wrote: “I give thanks to my God every time I think of you, rejoicing in every prayer I utter on your behalf” He declares: “God knows how much I long for each of you with the affection of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 1:3-8). We have been graced in various ways by the Lord. Today's first reading suggests that the appropriate response to the experience of being graced is to grace others in return. Lydia offered kindly hospitality to Paul: "If you really think me a true believer, come and stay with us;" and she would not take no for an answer. After being graced by the Lord through Paul, she graced Paul and his companions by her offer of a place to stay. Having received from the Lord, we give from what we have received.

May the Lord guide us through His Holy Spirit, that we may be exemplary in life and be missionary in spirit, that we may glorify His Name through our actions in life! Amen!! Good morning, have a productive week!!!

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