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Doctrines & Morals

Go and show yourself to the Priest

Heb. 3:7-14, Mk 1:40-45. Today's first reading addresses Jewish Christians, reminding them that they have gone through a desert experience. They, like their ancestors of old, are going through changes in their lives. They have left behind their slavery - to sin - and are experiencing an Exodus into a place of rest - relationship with God. The path to that place of rest - Promised Land – Heaven, goes through the desert - life here on earth. While they are traveling through the dry and barren areas, they are not to lose heart or put God to the test, as their ancient predecessors had done. The ancient Hebrews had lost sight of the promises of God and started to complain about Him. Today, we are challenged to remain faithful to the life we have in Jesus and cling to Him till the end when we shall enjoy the eternal rest and joy of the Heavenly Promised Land.

To bring a foretaste of this promise to reality, in today's Gospel, Jesus reaches out to a leper, heals him and ask that he should go to the religious authorities so they could pronounce that he is healed, in accordance to the law. The excitement of leper made him spread the news of his healing. The leper did not harden his heart; he heard his voice and responded. He was now clean, he was free and realising that He could no longer stay in that town, Jesus moves out to a quite place. We must be open to new impulses, inspired by God’s personal presence in our lives. Faith must be experienced and lived and not as mere fidelity to forms of the past. The externals of our religion, even the most solemn of doctrines and the holiest of objects or sacraments, exist in order to facilitate our inner communion with the Lord. Our inmost hearts are the true Ark of the Covenant and the place of encounter with the living God.

May God, our loving Father, continue to bless and guide us in our journey of life, so that in everything we do and say, we will always glorify His Name and walk in His ways! Amen!! Stay safe and have a wonderful day!!!

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