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Doctrines & Morals

Christ is involved in our life

Today is the first day of “Ordinary Time” after Advent, the birth of Christ, the subsequent feasts and with Christ we now enters the world. Today's first reading points to the fact that Jesus is the fullest of all revelations. God has always sought to communicate the divine Good News to mortals. The prophets of old had proclaimed the message of God, yet people were limited by their mere humanness. In the fullness of time, God sent His Son, fully one with the Creator. The Son, being part of the Godhead, reflects perfectly the glory of the divine. Jesus not only speaks of forgiveness as the human prophets of old did, but He brings it about it, because He is God. In today's Gospel, Jesus begins His mission by announcing the coming of the Reign of God and calling His first disciples.

Jesus proclaims the fullness of time, the presence of the Reign of God and thus the need for repentance and turning away from sin and re-orienting ourselves towards God. The first action of the life and ministry of Jesus is the calling of four fishermen who will continue His mission. These four fishing professionals leave behind their nets in order to eventually 'cast nets' in the 'human waters' and bring in the 'catch for God'. Jesus demonstrated the loving message by His preaching and ministry and ultimately by His death and resurrection. Today, we are called to proclaim the compassion, forgiveness and love of God by the way we treat the people who cross our paths everyday. We need to live the Gospel value by the way we care for individuals in our daily lives. People need to sense the difference between us Christians and non-believers. Jesus tells us that we demonstrate that we are His disciples by the way we love others (Jn 13:35).

May the Lord grant us the grace to be as open and responsive to God, as Peter, Andrew, James and John! Remain safe and have a productive week!!!

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