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Doctrines & Morals

The Baptism of the Lord

Ish 55:1-11, 1 Jn 5:1-9, Mk 1:7-11. Today, we celebrate the third of the four manifestations or epiphanies, the Baptism of the Lord as the last day of the liturgical season of Christmas and the beginning of the Ordinary Time Year B. The first of the manifestations is that of the announcement of the birth of Christ to the shepherds in the regions of Bethlehem. A week ago, we celebrated the second epiphany - Jesus being shown forth (manifested, “epiphanied”) to the Magi (“wise ones” - Mt. 2:1-12). The fourth manifestation is Jesus beginning His public life with the miracle at the wedding feast at Cana. Today’s first reading is a universal invitation for us to come to Christ the source of living water in whose name we were baptised. Through His own baptism, He has sanctified our own water of baptism. Today is a unique invitation to those who are truly open to a closer relationship with God to forsake our past ways of sin and seek the Lord.

Today's second reading calls our attention to the importance of believing in Jesus Christ and highlights three elements that bear witness to the sonship of Christ: water, blood and spirit. Today's Gospel recounts how Jesus allows Himself to be baptised. Before the baptism of Christ, John the Baptist was baptising people who came to Him. Our Lord knows this action of John and for Him, those who came to see John the Baptist were moving towards the direction of God. With this conviction, Christ identified Himself with the people in their search for God. In other words, Jesus allows Himself to be baptised because He wants us to know that He is one with us in our longing and desire for God. He is baptised not because He is conscious of sin and of the need of repentance, but because He knows that He must identify Himself with the people moving towards God. In baptism we consecrate, dedicate and commit ourselves to seek and to spread the Kingdom of God. We commit ourselves to be servants of God, to do God’s will and serve God with our whole lives. At baptism the Holy Spirit comes into our lives and empowers us, equips us, gives us the moral strength to say no to evil and to live as God’s children.

May the Lord help us to relive the mission of sharing in the ministry of Jesus and of proclaiming the Good News of the love of God for others! Amen!! Be safe and happy Sunday!!!

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