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Doctrines & Morals

Our belief must be lived out

1 Jn 3:22-4:6, Mt. 4:12-17.23-25. Today's first reading presents us with two key aspects of our work as disciples of Jesus: the first deals with belief or faith, the second deals with actions which are the embodiment of our faith in our daily existence. The essential belief is that of the Incarnation of Christ, as God becomes human in Jesus. The second major aspect relates to our actions based on loving one another as Jesus loves us. Those who truly believe in the Incarnation of Jesus will have the Spirit of God within them. It will be evident that they are in relationship with God by the qualities of their lives. Those who do not fully accept the Incarnation of Jesus and teach others will be followers of the antichrist, the father of deceit as the children of the “world.”

To make us understand the mystery of His Incarnation, Jesus begins His public ministry by living out the power of God fully present in Him in His home town, Nazareth and goes down to the region of Galilee. Today's Gospel makes us understand that He proclaims the coming of the 'Reign of God' not only in words, but also in His actions. He shows that the 'Reign of God' is present as He reaches out with compassion and love to those who are sick and distressed. As we begin the first full week in this new year of 2021, we are challenged to look at our belief and how we are living out that belief. We must reaffirm the mystery which we have celebrated for the last two weeks and continue to celebrate: Jesus, the Son of God, who has taken on our flesh in order to save us and let us share in the divine life as adopted children of God. As we profess that faith, we are enjoined to live as true disciples, carrying on the work which Jesus began during His life on earth. We must be positive reflection of the Good News which He has come to bring to the world. That is, we must reach out with compassion and love as Jesus did during His earthly life and allow our belief to be lived out in our actions.

May God grant us the courage to welcome Christ into our lives and through Him encounter ourselves, others and find our way to the Father! Be safe and have a productive week!!!

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