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Doctrines & Morals

We see things in different light if we focus on God

1 Jn 2:12-17, Lk 2:36-40. A theme of relationship with God enshrouds today's reading. If we continue to deepen our relationship with God, then, we will be able to “see” things in a new light. The value system of believers should be different from those who only seek earthly pleasures. Today's first reading enjoins us to keep our eyes focused on the ways of God and not be enticed by worldly values of the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. Having a relationship with God entitles us to acknowledge the forgiveness of our sins and this demands a different attitude to the worldly ways which focus on merely on pleasure.

The psalmist urges us to turn to God in a relationship of praise and thanksgiving. Acknowledging who God is, enables us to have a relationship with God. The response should be a joyful lifting up of our heart, mind and soul to God. Today's Gospel presents Anna to us as an example of one who had deep relationship with God. Anna, an elder Jewish woman, has been in the Temple day after day for many years. She is a woman of faith, a woman who has a close relationship with God. Being in relationship with God allows her to know the uniqueness of the Infant. She turns to God in a prayer of praise and also points out the Baby to all who are nearby. As we continue our celebration of Christmas, we are invited to see beyond the Infant in swaddling clothes. We will not just see the Baby in the manger, but we will also see the Saviour who was born for our salvation.

May the Lord make our hearts dispose to hear the Word of God so that we may be able to do good to everyone! Amen!! Be safe and have a glorious day!!!

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