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Doctrines & Morals

Jesus will save His people from their sins

Jer. 23:5-8, Mt. 1:18-24. God sent His Son as Saviour of the entire human race. In the prophecy of God’s ‘new covenant’ with the house of Israel, in today's first reading, we hear that a “Righteous Branch will arise from David’s descendants and through Him His people will be saved. In today's Gospel, this new covenant is accomplished as Jesus is called the one who saves His people from their sins. To save us, He chose to take on our human nature, fully and in the flesh, being born of a mother. As God prepared Mary for her role and mission, so are we also prepared for what is asked of us. This principle — that God prepares those whom He chooses for their role and mission — is true for everyone who is prepared to serve God. God was doing something new, something extraordinary, in the life of Mary and Joseph, indeed, in the life of the human race.

The unprecedented nature of what God was doing led to understandable fear and anxiety in the lives of those most directly affected, Mary and Joseph. Both of them need a word of reassurance: “Do not be afraid” at the beginning of this new phase of what God was doing. In times of transition when disturbing events are occurring around us, we need to hear those words: “Do not be afraid.” They are words which assure us of God’s presence, God-with-us, Emmanuel, at the heart of all that is happening, even at the heart of His self-surrended on the mount of Calvary. Today, we are chosen and challenged to live a life of holiness. God has prepared us for works of service and of live; by giving us Jesus to be our Lord and guide, by calling us to the saving waters of Baptism, by giving us the support of the Church and its Sacraments, and by strengthening us to cooperate with His saving will.

May the Lord show us His mercy in times of our misery and may no evil desires prevail over us so that His glory and love may dwell in our hearts! Amen!! Remain safe, have a wonderful day!!!

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