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Doctrines & Morals

Jesus requires strong faith

Ish 45:6-8, Lk. 7:18-23. The idea of the Heavens "opening and raining down" flows from the chronological worldview that time is fine-tuned in terms of: the present generation; the Day of the Lord; and the Golden age. Today's first reading and the Psalmist remind us of the prophecy of what would mark the day of the Lord. Thus, today’s Gospel invites us to behold its fulfilment with our own eyes because ‘experience is the best teacher’: "Go and tell John what you have seen and heard." They see and hear the manifestation of our Lord’s compassionate love: they see joy on the faces of the healed; they see the previously blind now walking without guides. They see former lame now enjoy normal walk without the support of clutches; they see leprous hand and legs now straightened and full of sensitive skin. The previously deaf now hears while the former dead bodies are now full of life and with the poor who receive the good news, all praise God.

This invitation urges us to embrace the presence of God. We need to provide quality quiet time in order to appreciate the Lord’s serene presence and also make amends. The Lord comes to deepen our union with Him, we need to gladly avail ourselves for His coming into our world. Today, we are invited to believe in Jesus as the Lord of life and death, present in strength and weakness. However, being true to Jesus requires a strong faith. Amid pain and disappointment we become embittered and rebellious against God. If we are sick, we must know that Jesus has power to cure us. If we enjoy good health, we must see it as God’s gift to be shared and extended to others.

May the Lord help us with His grace to avoid wrongdoings and strengthen us to overcome our weaknesses! Amen!! Be safe and have a pleasant day!!!

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