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Doctrines & Morals

She gave all she had

Rev. 14:1-3.4-55, Lk. 21:1-4. To draw near to God, calls for unconditional commitment and we find examples of such courage in today's first reading. The martyrs faced death because of their commitment to Jesus Christ and their names were listed among the 144,000 chosen ones who follow the Lamb. The Greek text calls them “virgins,” in the sense of giving themselves totally to the one they love, like a bride to her bridegroom on their wedding day. The hope of giving ourselves totally to God may inspire us to go the extra mile and give our shirt as well as our cloak to one who needs it more (Cf. Mt. 5:40-42).

The idea of unconditional commitment and going extra miles is also projected in today's Gospel through the story of the generous poor widow who offers her last two copper coins for the upkeep of the Temple. The widow who gives her all to support the Temple reminds us of how Jesus gave all He had, His very life for us. Although what she gave had little monetary value, her gift meant more than the larger gifts of others, because she gave all she had. Generosity of spirit is not easy to measure but we must continue to give until it hurts. People who seem to be doing little may actually be making more effort than others who seem to be doing a lot. At the end of the day, only the Lord can measure generosity, because He alone knows what each is capable of giving. Whereas we can only measure what is tangible and visible, God looks deeper, into the heart. The widow’s mite would make little impression on those who saw them, but her gift so impressed Jesus that he singled her out as an example. Even when we feel we have little to offer, giving that little is what the Lord wants of us.

May the Lord help us to be generous like the poor widow and may our service to God be pleasing in His sight! Amen!! Remain safe, have a productive week!!!

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