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. Nov 2020 .
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Doctrines & Morals

We are made Priests to serve our God

Rev. 5:1-10, Lk. 19:41-44. Today's first reading declares that it is only the Lamb of God who has the authority to break the seals and open up the scroll which describes God’s plan for humanity. The response to the exalted position of the Lamb should be one of praise and honour to God who continues to reveal the divine plan to mortals. Only the Lamb has totally known the trials and joys of human existence. He alone knows our inner core and can direct our lives and lead us to the presence of God. Through Him, we all become “priests to serve our God,” whose lives are centred on worship. Thus, the vision of John describes “the New Jerusalem” in which the true worship of God takes place.

As true worship was lacking in the Jerusalem Temple, Jesus wept over Jerusalem for their obstinacy and refusal to recognise in Him the hand of God. The Jerusalem Temple is a symbol of the presence of God while their obstinacy is a sign of the soul that, in spite of all warnings from God, continues in its evil ways. The city have to live with the consequences of rejecting Him. Jesus sheds tears for their rejection of the offer of salvation. His life’s work was to reveal God’s hospitable love for all, but many rejected this good news. Jesus has come to seek and to save the lost, but He will not force Himself on us. He invites us into friendship with Him and to remain in His love. We are privileged to experience the presence of God in our journey through this life. We are called to lift up our hands in praise as we are aware of God's presence. Yet all places, events and experiences are only small shadows of the glory that awaits us in the Heavenly dwelling place of God and of the Lamb. 

May the Lord show us His mercy and may each new day increase our trust in God! Amen!! Stay safe and have a glorious day!!!

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