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. Nov 2020 .
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Doctrines & Morals

An uncreative life is useless and unfit for the glory of God

SUNDAY SPIRITUAL BANQUET: Prov. 31:10-13.19-20.30-31, 1 Thess. 5:1-6, Mt. 25:14-30. On this Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, the Church invites us to invest our talents in the realities that last forever. Hard work, diligence, integrity and fruitfulness are the outcome of discipline, good judgment, prudent steps and sacrifice. These are Divine attributes and only God possess such terrific attributes; they are obvious without conscious effort. The child of God has these for no one can enter the eternal dwellings of God without the possession of the personal traits of God. In today's Gospel, Jesus reminds us of God’s special gifts of grace to us and in His expectation of us to be productive with these multiplicity of graces, talents, the necessary ingredients inherent in us to productively imitate our Creator. The interest is not about the number of talents we received from God but our ability to be productive. Today's first reading uses the imagery of a productive wife in her home to illustrate the inherent possibilities in each of the talents and graces we have received from God. She uses her talents to transform a house into a home where one can find love and peace. Like the disappointment expressed by Jesus in the Gospel, we are not meant to be lazy and wicked as the slave with the one talent, rather, the slaves with the two and five talents are to inspire us with their ingenuity and creativity. In today's second reading, Paul reminds us that surely, the day of the Lord will come, that is, the day we shall render our accounts to the Lord and so we must avoid falling asleep (1 Thess. 5:1-6). Today, we are challenged to avoid idleness and put into good use the strength and talents which God has endowed us with and He will richly bless us with the desires of our heart. Let us know that an uncreative life is useless and unfit for the glory of God. May we never lose sight of these unique gifts of God to us and be fruitful by our attentive exploration of them! Amen!! Stay safe and save life, Jesus loves you, happy Sunday!!! Revd Fr Samuel Frederick.
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