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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of St Martin of Tours

Tit. 3:1-7, Lk. 17:11-19. Today’s liturgy invites us to reflect on the magnificence of God’s graciousness. In today's first reading, Paul encourages Titus to motivate the people under his care. They are to live their lives marked by graciousness because God has been gracious to them. In response, they are to be obedient, gracious and peaceable. Paul admits that he was able to proclaim the kindness of God because he has experienced the divine generosity. He realises that he would have nothing if it were not for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the saving acts of Jesus. Hence, he outlines practical instructions to live graciously: to be loyal subjects of the civil government, neither gossips nor quarrelsome and showing perfect courtesy towards everyone. In today's Gospel, Jesus portrays extending divine compassion and God's graciousness to those suffering physical ailments. 

Seeing the plight of ten individuals who were plagued with leprosy, Jesus heals them and sends them to have their healing verified by the priests. All ten had all been healed but only one of them returned “praising God at the top of his voice.” Our faith in God motivates us to put our best self in the service of God. The Samaritan who threw himself on his knees in gratitude is told: “Stand up and go on your way.” With this encouragement he goes his way, no longer forbidden to live close to others, no longer ostracised as unclean but blessed with health and zest for life. St Martin of Tours whose memorial we celebrate appreciated God's graciousness and dedicated much of his life in serving the Lord. As a soldier he met a beggar on a cold night and he immediately cut his military cloak in half to give the other half to the beggar that he might cover himself and not be cold. That very night, the Lord appeared to Martin wearing the half-cloak telling him how he had such a great faith.

May the Lord renew our hearts to appreciate the love and mercy of God in our lives! Amen!! Be safe, Peace be with you!!!

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