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Doctrines & Morals

I think of you constantly as I hold you dear

Phil. 1:1-11, Lk. 14:1-6. Today's first reading demonstrates the warm affection of Paul for his converts: “I think of you constantly. I hold all of you dear. I long for each of you with the affection of Christ Jesus.” Paul was not just a Stoical ascetic, zealous, theologian and administrator, he was much more, a warm-hearted man, he could not be indifferent to others. However, as he praises the Philippians, he wants them to keep up their high standard: “I give thanks to my God .. for the way you have all helped promote the gospel from the very first day.” In the same vein, today’s Gospel is a show of love and confidence between the two central characters, Jesus and the sick man. What hope and prayer must have filled the poor man’s mind, as he sat there suffering from dropsy, a swelling that is medically called oedema. The poor man says nothing while Jesus asked the lawyers and Pharisees: “Is it lawful to cure on the Sabbath or not?” At this they kept silent,” but the silence was loaded with hostility.

Jesus risks His reputation in the sight of His adversaries for the sake of an unnamed sick man, who is not mentioned again after his cure. Like Jesus, we must try to do the right thing no matter what it costs. Jesus outlook is always to treat others with love and respect regardless of the circumstances. We are called to take our lead from Him; His way of relating to others must be ours and it can be with the help of the Holy Spirit that He pours into our hearts. Jesus knows that some of the Jewish leaders are there to gather evidence against Him. However, Jesus is called to manifest the glory of God by bringing healing, wholeness and salvation to those who seek it. Realising that the Sabbath was set aside to give glory to God, Jesus surpasses the legalistic interpretation of no work on the Sabbath in order to allow the suffering individual to give greater glory to God through the miracle He performed for the ailing man.

May the Lord open our hearts to love as we ought and teach us that it is only in love that we can truly offer meaningful worship to God! Amen!! Keep safe and have a wonderful day!!!

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