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. Nov 2020 .
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Doctrines & Morals

The Kingdom of God has a humble beginning

Eph. 5:21-33, Lk. 13:18-21. Our faith and hope are Heaven centred and give us added motivation to live our daily lives in the best way. In today's first reading, Paul suggests that marriage and family love can be inspired by the presence of Jesus. Each faithful and fruitful partnership is like a mirror, reflecting the love of Jesus for the Church. Ideally, married partners should love as Christ loves the Church. He gave Himself up totally for the Church so the Church could flourish. To cooperate with the loving plan of God, we must cherish the hidden mustard seed of divine grace in our lives. Like the woman who so kneads the yeast into the dough that rises to fresh-baked bread as narrated in today's Gospel, we must nurture ourselves and others, so that we can all enjoy the freedom and dignity of the children of God.

A mustard seed is tiny but grows into a tree where birds can nest. A tiny piece of leaven also transforms a whole basin of flour into rising dough. The Kingdom of God, in the same way, has a humble beginning in human hearts before it becomes a captivating force. In the apparent smallness, a transforming power is at work as in the case of leaven that transforms the dough. It takes faith to understand that the present struggles are nothing compared to the glory that is to be revealed. Faith enables us to see a large bush in a 'tiny mustard seed' and the power and working of God in an apparently fragile life situation and desperate and challenging times. Even our smallest acts of kindness can have a good effect beyond what we might imagine. Small acts of service can create an opening for the grace of God. It is a mistake to think that unless our efforts are big and impressive they do not count for much. In everyday kindness, and small initiatives, which may seem insignificant that contribute to building up the Kingdom of God.

May the reign of God restore peace and love in our world! Amen!! Keep safe, it is well with you!!!

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