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Doctrines & Morals

Give what you have as alms

Gal. 5:1-6, Lk. 11:37-41. In today's first reading, Paul links faith to fidelity to God, so that the law of the flesh - disorder and hatred - must give way to the law of the spirit - harmony and love. In Christ, we are freed from regulations about circumcision and legal cleanliness, clean and unclean foods, so as to follow the more inward law of the spirit, love, faithfulness and self control. Laws are guideposts along the journey that are useful when we seem lost. They can get us back on track than when we cling to strict adherence to the law that makes us miss out on the meaning attached to the law and the encounters with others along the way. We also may not experience the gift of faith which comes from God and is to be lived out in our love for others: “Nothing counts except for faith working through love.” We must appreciate the gift of faith which God has given to us. We must allow our work and action be a true expression of our faith in God. 

Jesus makes this same point in today's Gospel when He set the bar of generosity very high as He was challenged about His apparent disregard for dietary and health laws. Jesus refers to a higher value than the mere human-made, religious laws: “Give what you have as alms.” Then, He promises: “all will be wiped clean for you.” When Jesus accepts an invitation to eat at the home of a Pharisee, the Pharisee is appalled that Jesus does not follow the rituals of ablutions as prescribed in the law.  Jesus comments that the Pharisees have become so wrapped up in the external rituals and prescriptions of the law that they miss the point of the law – being made holy in the sight of God and drawing closer to Him always. The strict observers of the law want everything to look right on the outside without tending to the inner cleanliness and closeness to God.

May the Lord mould us and build our faith to show integrity in our words and actions! Amen!! Keep safe, it is well with you!!!

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