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Doctrines & Morals

Come to God and build relationship with Him

Gal. 3:22-29, Lk. 11:27-28. Paul tells the Galatians in today’s first reading that only faith can guarantee the union with God. Paul summarises his exhortation in two words: that the law only confines and limits us to experience the love of God. What brings wholeness and salvation is receiving and acting upon the gift of faith. That is what brings us into a relationship with God and through the relationship with God, a relationship with others. Laws have a place, particularly in helping us form proper relations with others. Laws set limits on people who cannot control themselves. Paul remarks that the law had its place in helping people know how to act when they were not gifted by being aware of the presence of God.

Through faith, we can see others the way Jesus sees us. In today’s Gospel, Jesus also speaks about what makes a person have a relationship with God when a woman praises the mother of Jesus for producing such a wonderful person as Jesus. Here, Jesus speaks about what makes a person have a special relationship with Him. It is in listening to the Words of God and putting them into action. That is exactly what Mary, the mother of Jesus, did. She heard God speak and she acted upon the Word of God. That is how the Word took flesh within her womb.

May the Lord grant us the gift of faith! Amen!! Keep safe and happy weekend!!!

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