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Doctrines & Morals

I cannot come to the banquet

Ish 25:6-10, Phil. 4:12-14.19-20, Mt. 22:1-14. On this the Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, the Church invites us to the celebration of the splendour of God. In today's Gospel, Jesus offers an image of the Kingdom of Heaven using the symbol of a wedding banquet. In today’s first reading and the Psalm, the Lord’s goodness is evident in the symbol of a feast of good food and wine. The wedding feast is a symbol for the salvation of God and we are invited guests. Keeping this in mind helps us to understand the critique Jesus makes with this parable. The king dispatches his servants to invite the guests to the wedding feast that he is planned for his son and the first guests refused the invitation. A second dispatch of servants follows and also ignore the invitation. Some of the invited guests mistreat and kill the servants.

With the invited guests now deemed unworthy to attend the king’s wedding feast, the servants are sent to invite whomever they can find. The guests arrive, but it appears that accepting the king’s invitation brings certain obligations. The guest who failed to dress in the appropriate wedding attire is cast out of the feast. We are reminded that while many are invited to the Kingdom of Heaven, not all are able to meet its requirements. The wedding feast is the image of the salvation that God offers to all. It is a “wedding” since it is a celebration of love and it speaks of the loving union of God and man. It is a “feast” since it promises abundant blessings and eternal joy in the glory of Heaven, in the presence of God and in company with all the Angels and Saints. God wants all people to be saved and would not force or compel us, because He respects our freedom. Today, we are invited to say "Yes", accept the Lord's invitation and love Him freely. To fulfil the various demands of our “Yes” is to constantly struggle to reject sin and living a life of total obedience to the will of God; turning away from selfishness and pride and learning to be generous in committing ourselves to others in humble service. Ultimately, it means putting into practice the commandment of love and utmost commitment to God. Those who accept God’s invitation but are not willing to put on the garment of love, cannot be admitted to the 'wedding feast' of the Lord.

May the Lord grant us His mercy and count us worthy of the Eternal Kingdom! Amen!! Stay safe and save life, Jesus loves you, happy Sunday!!!

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