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Doctrines & Morals

The Heavenly Father give the a Holy Spirit to those who ask

Gal. 3:1-5, Lk. 11:5-13. In today's first reading, Paul chastises the Galatians because they forgot quickly how they were saved through the death and resurrection of Jesus. They were saved, not because they have kept the law, but because Jesus died for the salvation of all. The gift of faith is a grace freely bestowed upon us by God which cannot be earned. It is the action of God that makes our faith to be effective enough to bring us salvation. Our good deeds are responses to the action of God through the working of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Responsorial Psalm proclaims the majesty of God for His grace. God has always been faithful and will always be true to the promises made of old. God promised that He will bless the descendants of Abraham and work mighty signs in their midst. God desires that all people be blessed by receiving the divine gifts bestowed upon them through Jesus.

In today's Gospel, Jesus enjoins us to resort to the divine power, especially when we turn to God in a continuous prayer. In our prayers, Jesus expects us to turn our attention repeatedly to God who knows what is best for us and He is more than willing to give us what is truly best for us. It is not because God needs to be persuaded to love us or be deaf to our pleas that Jesus tells us to ask and keep on asking. God wants to be in our minds and be in constant relationship with us. Hence, the goodness of God is compared to parents’ care and attention towards their children. How much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask. God is willing to give the best to those who persist and admit their need for divine assistance. The most interesting part of persistence prayer is that God knows, even better than we do, what will truly be most beneficial for us. All we need do is turn to God, open our hands and receive what God gives.

May the Lord be with us as we start a new day, move our hearts to seek God and our wills to serve Him faithfulły! Amen!! Be safe and have a glorious day!!!

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