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Doctrines & Morals

A disciplined disciple sits at the feet of the Master

Gal. 1:13-24, Lk. 10:38-42. In today's first reading, Paul describes how narrow minded he was in his early life before he encountered Christ. As he explains to the Galatians, he had been very committed to Judaism and worked diligently to keep it the way he thought it should be. Thus, he worked for the destruction of Christianity and those who followed in its path, since he believed that this new 'Way' was contrary to his religious traditions. Paul honestly admits that he had tried to persecute Christians because they were not being faithful to what he considered the essentials of Judaism. The Christians professed that Jesus was the Son of God, a belief totally unacceptable to a “faithful” Jew who knew only of the oneness of God. Paul deemed God to be so uniquely one that there could not be three persons in one God. The Christians were heretics to true Judaism, as Paul had once interpreted it. It was not until he had an experience of the Risen Lord that he started to see the 'Light'. Paul proudly professes that it was no human instruction that set him on the right track; it was the revelation of God who had known him before his birth.

The idea of God knowing us before birth is echoed in the word of the Psalmist; God knows each one of us better than anyone else. The biggest obstacle or stumbling block to the plan of God for us is our narrow-mindedness. Martha, in today's Gospel, also was narrow minded as she thought of being kind and provide for the needs of her guests, Jesus and His disciples. She is so focused on being of service that she misses another very valuable aspect of being a Christian – sitting at the Master’s feet, listening and learning from Him. She is overly concerned on being sure everything is right for those who are in her home. She expects that Mary would be helping her in details of hospitality. Mary, on the other hand, wants to be able to enjoy the words and presence of Jesus. This leads to Martha’s outburst, asking Jesus to tell Mary to assist her. Jesus tries to set Martha on the right track, relieving her anxiety and complimenting Mary for being a good disciple for a disciplined learner paying attention to the Master.

May the Lord be for us a refuge and strength and by His grace grant us the courage to remain with Christ amidst the distractions of this world! Amen!! Keep safe and do have a great day!!!

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