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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of Padre Pio

Prov. 30:5-9, Lk. 9:1-6. Today's first reading begins by instructing us on the importance of staying faithful to the word of God. The author prays that he might be surrounded by truthfulness rather than deceit. Truthfulness flows from being faithful to God and that God will provide for him by not giving him too much or too little. Without God's guidance, being rich could lead to pride and not trusting in God because one has everything. Being poor leads to stealing, coveting and lacking the faith that God will provide. Hence, we need the gift of discernment to enable us distinguish right from wrong and follow the path that leads us to a closer relationship with God. Wisdom of God teaches us to detach ourselves from excessive acquisition of wealth. Authentic followers of Jesus rely on God, who provides their needs.

In today's Gospel, Jesus sends out the twelve, to drive out demons, cure diseases and proclaim the reign of God. As itinerant preachers they need to trust in divine providence, so they need not carry bread or money, not even staff and traveling bag. When Jesus send us out on mission, He wants us to travel light. The twelve were instructed not to carry much baggage, but depend on the generosity of God. Today, we are challenged to learn from St Pius of Pietrelcina whose memorial we celebrate. He is well-known as Padre Pio, the Franciscan Priest and famous bearer of the stigmata renowned for his great piety and love for God and his fellow brethren. Padre Pio was often sickly, but he devoted much of his time to serve the people in the community at San Giovanni Rotondo, where his great shrine is located. He spent many hours listening to the confessions of many who flocked to see him, day after day. Story of miracles and wonderful supernatural experiences came to make Padre Pio even more famous as time went on and even more people flocked to see him and seek healing through him. Through well-attested testimonies, some had been freed from possession of demons when Padre Pio performed exorcism on them and others received much strength in their faith through their consultation with him.

May the Lord renew our faith and help us to work for the truth as authentic witnesses of Christ! Amen!! Be safe and have a great day!!!

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