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Doctrines & Morals

Seek the Lord where He may be found

Ish 55:6-9, Phil. 1:20-24.27, Mt. 20:1-16. On this Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, the Church invites us to seek God with all of our strength and purify ourselves from sins and wickedness. The prophet Isaiah in today's first reading exhorts us to seek the Lord wherever He may be found even in the midst of turmoil, pandemic, civil unrest and political divide. Isaiah notes that God’s ways are “as high as the heavens are above the earth” emphasizing that God’s ways and thoughts are far above ours. This idea is truly a reminiscent of the event in today's Gospel, as it certainly reinforces the idea that God’s ways may be in conflict with our ways. On the surface, the parable of the workers in the vineyard appears to be an offense to common sense. Those who work a longer day ought to be paid more than those who work just an hour or two. When we view it literarily, it may seem that the landowner is unfair because we understand the parable in our preconceived notions of how fairness and equality should be quantified.

In the parable, the vineyard owner went out and gathered some people to be his servants and workers in the field. As time moves on, the owner continues to look for more workers and went out to seek for the workers and called those whom he gathered to work in the field until the eleventh or the final hour. The vineyard owner represents God, our Lord and Master, while as mentioned, all those whom the owner called represent all of us. A critical message of this parable is that we are all equal recipients of God's gifts. The reality is that we often manifest a weakness in our personal faith journey and we are often covetous and jealous when God's gifts of forgiveness and life are given to others in equal measure. The parable highlights the goodness and generosity of God. God's grace, mercy and forgiveness are God's gift to give away as He deems it fit. If God gives grace to others or relief them from pain and challenge, it is His kindness to them and not an act of injustice done to us. We must have faith that our portion of gifts or challenges are in tune with what God asks of us in our lives as we serve His Kingdom.

May the Lord help us to find Him in our hopeless and helpless situations! Amen!! Stay safe and save life, Jesus loves you, happy Sunday!!!

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