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Doctrines & Morals

The world can be transformed if we learn to forgive

1 Cor. 15:1-11, Lk. 7:36-50. In today's first reading, Paul reminds us that we need to cling closely to the Good News and the truth which God has revealed to us through His Apostles, their successors and the Church. He considers himself unworthy to be ranked with the other Apostles since he tried to extinguish the Christian faith earlier in his life. Yet, Paul feels that he can be a good spokesperson for the Gospel because he has benefitted from the forgiveness offered by Jesus. The events in today's Gospel build on the theme of gratitude expressed by those who have experienced God’s forgiveness. The more we are forgiven and realises the magnitude of God’s mercy, the more we are called to love God in appreciation of the gift of forgiveness. 

The woman, who has been a public sinner, performs a great deal more than the normal signs of hospitality. Instead of simply washing the feet of Jesus with water, she washes them with her tears. Instead of drying them with a towel, she uses her hair. Instead of giving the customary shalom-kiss on the cheek, the woman kissed the feet of Jesus unceasingly. Instead of anointing His head with oil, she uses a costly ointment on His feet. When Jesus was criticised for associating with such a public sinner, He challenges His host and remarks that the one who has been forgiven the greater, is more grateful and expresses the gratitude with greater desire to be pleasing to God. In this current time of suffering, tribulation and coronavirus pandemic, let us ask our God for forgiveness, to love one another and to offer our hand in taking evil and converting it to good. Forgiveness can change a life and bring about transformational change in a life. We are challenged to take this opportunity to forgive someone close to us. Let us recognise that if we forgive one person, the world can be transformed. 

May the loving compassion and mercy of God motivate us to demonstrate our love for our Lord Jesus by our concern for others! Amen!! Remain safe, it is well with you!!!

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