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Doctrines & Morals

On Christ the solid rock I stand

1 Cor. 10:14-22, Lk. 6:43-49. The image of “Rock” symbolises strength, consistency and trustworthiness in biblical term. The message from the symbolism of the "rock", shows that the rock is a source of nourishment, such that water or honey flow from it (Num. 20:11, Ps 81:17). In today’s first reading, the rock from which water flows in the desert follows the people along the journey and that rock is Christ. (1 Cor. 10:4). Isaiah speaks of the rock supporting the Temple where God dwells among His people (Ish 28:16 ), while the Psalmist acclaims God as the rock of our salvation (Ps Ps 95:1). The Gospel of Matthew (16:18) named Peter, rock or foundation of the Church. Putting these together, the rock is a symbol of God’s unshakeable and reliable fidelity which our lives can be built upon.

People who care only for their personal gain and material wealth are building on shifting sand. They put no trust in the Lord and are swayed only by passions and emotions. Anger can rule them before they can think, so that rash words that are spoken cannot be unsaid. In a rush to make a quick profit, wisdom is ignored, then, what is visible and tangible is not all that matters. The two houses in today’s Gospel parable may have looked the same, in fine weather but turns out that they are different: one was built on sand and the other on solid rock, that is, the most important part of a house. Today, we are urged to have a sure foundation, below the surface of our living. Just as the two houses had to withstand flood conditions, we must deal with the challenging situations of our lives. Our ability to cope with those challenging moments depend on how solidly we are grounded. Jesus offers Himself as the foundation for our faith. Listening to Him, we build our spiritual lives on solid rock, able to cope with the storms of life. We need to constantly hear His call and build our lives on Him.

May the Lord help us to build our lives on Christ the solid rock and be committed to His service so that we might bear good fruit, fruit that will last! Amen!! Be safe and happy weekend!!!

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