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Doctrines & Morals

The blind cannot lead the blind

1 Cor. 9:16-19.22-27, Lk. 6:39-42. Today, we are challenged not to act as “superiors” who command “subjects” but as coordinators in a shared project, where the gifts of each team member are respected and given room to flourish. In today's first reading, Paul describes his energetic role as servant/leader, helped in his missionary work by a divine impulse. He feels that sharing the Gospel with others is a commission entrusted to him by God and he feels driven to carry it out, whatever sacrifices it involves. In order to be free for apostolic work he remained celibate. He made himself all things to all men, so that he can adapt to the needs of everyone. He feels that he must discipline his body and subdue it, so that he can practice what he preaches to make his public self-examination a lesson in religious leadership.

Our limited insight into each other makes it hard to lead others in a way that is fair and just. We may be tempted to think that we see much more clearly what needs to be done. Hence, in today's Gospel, Jesus gives the comic scenario of someone trying to take a splinter out of a neighbour’s eye while oblivious of the larger hazard in his own eye. The image warns us be aware of our own defects before judging others. God, who sees clearly into every heart, is compassionate to all, even the ungrateful and the wicked. In His parable about the blind leading the blind, Jesus teaches us to respect, admire and learn from each other’s gifts. Otherwise, in our ignorance we will be proud and arrogant, like a blind man trying to guide another. Each of us needs the insights of others to balance our views and judgments. We need mutual and sincere interaction in the Church to keep us on the right path to community and eternal life.

May the Lord help us by His grace to appreciate the love of others and avoid every form of negativity! Amen!! Remain safe and have a wonderful day!!!

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