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Doctrines & Morals

Fraternal love and correction is important to the Christian faith

Ezk. 33:7-9, Rom. 13:8-10, Mt. 18:15-20. On this Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, the Church directs our minds to the importance of fraternal charity and correction. Today's first reading envisions a personal responsibility for sin without ignoring the community. The community has a responsibility to the individual and the individual to the community. It is our responsibility as a community to speak out against impending danger whenever we envisage one, especially, for the religious and political leaders to rise up and speak against social injustice of our time. It is our duty to watch against the decay of good moral standards and prevent the ignorant against infiltration. It is our responsibility to announce the dawn of joy which the new day brings and equally brighten the day for one another by putting smiles on their faces. Without compromising standards, we are called to save souls from damnation. Always preaching and reaching out in the Spirit of fraternal love and corrections.

Our natural reaction when someone hurts us or breaks the rules of the community is to retaliate, punish, banish, ostracise and excommunicate the person. Reconciliation and forgiveness saves the soul of the offender. Jesus propels us in today's Gospel to find ways of bringing back an erring brother or sister into the community of love as watchmen of love. This kind of loving relationship is very relevant in our contemporary time, when being outspoken is subject to a lot of criticisms. A lot of sins are being committed around us. Many are afraid of being bashed and criticised for being Pharisaic or hypocrites. We remember the Pharisees were known to say one thing but does another. Jesus was very critical of them during His time, He attacked their misplaced righteousness. To be moral and faithful to God’s commandments mean to live out what we preach. In today's second reading, Paul continues his exhortation to the people of Rome as he reminds them that the law of love incorporates and supersedes all other laws. If we truly love as Christ has loved us, we would never kill, hurt, steal, lie, or covet. Love means caring for others in the same way we have experienced being loved by God.
May the light of the Holy Spirit inflame our heart with His love and melt every stony and hard heartedness to become sentinels of love among the community of believers! Amen!! Stay safe and save life, Jesus loves you, happy Sunday!!!

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