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Doctrines & Morals

God comes into our lives to drive out our fear

1 Cor. 2:10-16, Lk. 4:31-37. Most times, we are caught up in our daily activities in the world that we are not aware of the spiritual world and the fight that is going on. We try to get through each day with all the tugs that are exerted on us. We get up, eat, do our jobs, try to spend time with our families and friends, there seems to be no time to even think about the spiritual world. In today's first reading, Paul urges us to take a higher view of things and be in a state of ongoing conversion, so as to value the spiritual dimension of ourselves. For the spirit of the world does not want us to reflect on the Spirit of God or be in touch with the divinely spiritual world. However, the Spirit is there to help us be our full selves. When Paul says, “we have the mind of Christ,” this guiding principle is available to us. Even if we stubbornly cling to what is familiar, there is still hope, just as Jesus did to the troubled man in Capernaum as recorded in today's Gospel.

God comes into our lives to drive out whatever anxiety or fear that is holding us back. Like the people in the Synagogue, we listen to Jesus, for His words have the divine ring of truth. Let us allow Him to speak to our heart and pour freshness into the dark reserves of our unconscious. If we feel the need, we can ask Him to set us free from any addiction or compulsion that may afflict us. It is through our closeness to Jesus that we can develop our full potential. Yet we must take time to realise that we are called to put on the mind of the Lord Jesus and live our lives in the world while being of the Holy Spirit. It takes a conscious effort on our part to focus beyond our mere human existence to the realm of the spiritual. That is where we will find the strength to do the will of God and combat the spirit of the world. During the current coronavirus pandemic, we are challenged to focus more on the spiritual side of life. This period of crisis should give us strength to keep sane and sense the blessings of God.

May the Lord God help us to be more conscious of the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives and we continue to put on the mind of Christ Jesus! Amen!! Keep safe, happy New Month!!!

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