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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of St Augustine

1 Cor. 1:17-25, Mt. 25:1-13. In today's first reading, Paul addresses some of the difference between the Greeks and Jews and contrasts their pursuits in life to that of those who seek to have a relationship with God. To the Jews, God would never become human and end up dying on the Cross. The death of Jesus, as the Son of God, was preposterous to the Jewish understanding of the unique God as the glorious worker of wonders. To the Greeks, the fact that God would become human, suffer and die was illogical. Though their mythology pictured gods becoming human, they could not think that it made any sense for God to give up immortality and die in order to save others. Paul ends his message with the profound words that God is beyond our limited human comprehension. Like the Jews and Greeks, Jesus likens the "Reign of God" to the difference between wise and foolish virgins. 

Those who are wise prepare themselves for different possibilities, the foolish act without thinking. While the foolish try to correct their lack of thinking, they miss out on the revelation and celebration for which they were waiting. The Lord expects us to stay faithful, especially when our expectations of Him are not coming to pass. Keeping our lamps burning, letting our light shine to the end, amounts to doing the good works the Lord calls on us to do, for as long as we are able to do them. Today, we celebrate the memorial St Augustine of Hippo, whose mother's persistence, constant prayer and effort brought about his conversion. He is one of the four greatest Doctors of the Church and one of the most influential early Church fathers and leaders of Christendom. Augustine was surrounded by the many wickedness of the world. As he grew up, he began to be attracted by philosophical pursuits and learning, which was then dominated by pagan philosophers, prominent among the Greeks. Augustine was curious for knowledge and he was seeking for truth and satisfaction on knowledge and understanding. However, no matter how much he tried to find solace and satisfaction in human wisdom and in his adoption of the Manichaean heresy, in his hedonistic lifestyle and pursuit of worldly pleasures, none of these were able to satisfy him. It was then that the prayers and efforts of his mother, Monica, led him to St Ambrose of Milan who planted the seeds of faith in Augustine.

May the Lord help us to avoid wrongdoings, show us His mercy and make us prepare always for eternal life! Amen!! Keep safe, have a wonderful day!!!

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