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Doctrines & Morals

No food for lazy man

2 Thess. 3:6-10.16-18, Mt. 23:27-32. Today's readings offer us two complementary views on human activities. In the first reading, Paul stresses on the 'dignity of labour' while the Gospel condemns 'hypocritical work'. Some of the Thessalonians took the first letter of Paul, about the imminent return of Jesus literary and decided not to work, since Jesus would be supposedly returning very soon. Paul says we should all do our fair share so we are not a burden to the community. As a model of hard work, Paul tells the people they are called to work hard, live holy and wholesome lives as examples to others. Although he deserves to receive certain privileges as a messenger of the Good News of Jesus, he has never sought any favour. He has not only ministered long and hard to share the Gospel, but also earned his own way by doing work as a tent-maker. 

In the Godpel, Jesus criticises the religious leaders for being more preoccupied with appearances, what is on the outside, than with what is within. Today, even more than in the time of Jesus, appearances, image, has become important as people think of what man thinks of them rather than being concerned about what God think of us. We are easily taken in by appearances. Jesus invites us to look at little deeper, which is how God looks: “We look at appearances, God looks at the heart.” The “heart” is the seat of the emotions, the intellect and the will. What matters to God is the heart, how we feel, how we think and what we desire. We are to bring our feeling, thoughts, desires in line with how God feels, thinks and what God desires for us.

May the Lord fill us with His compassion and empower us to live faithfully in the presence of God with an authentic life of witnessing! Amen!! Stay safe and have a wonderful day!!!

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